LATINO Project

Research Team Contact Information
Phone: ‪(940) 252-4592‬

LATINO is the Latin American Trans-ancestory INtiative for OCD Genomics project. 

The project is an NIH-funded research study with the goal of identifying factors contributing to the development of OCD in individuals who identify as Latino/Hispanic. It is being conducted by a group of researchers throughout the United States and Latin American countries. We are recruiting individuals who have had, or think they might have, OCD and are of Latin American / Hispanic ancestry. Interested participants will answer questions about their experience with OCD and provide a spit sample for DNA.

How to Participate:

To schedule a phone call with the research team and learn more about the study, please complete the contact screener.


  1. I am not Hispanic/Latino. Can I participate?
    • You can be eligible to participate if you are not Hispanic/Latino if you have a parent or grandparent that is Latino/Hispanic.
  2. Can children participate?
    • Yes, children can join the study if their parent or guardian consents and the child wants to participate. Contact our site for more information.
  3. How do you keep our information confidential?
    • Keeping your information confidential is our highest priority.  Your data and samples will de-identified and sent to a national repository that is overseen by the National Institutes of Health. Your data and samples will be de-identified when sent to the repository. 
  4. How do I take an at-home saliva sample?

Information on this website is solely relevant to the UNT-site data collection.