Center Projects


Intergenerational Differences in Barriers that Impede Mental Health Service Use among Latinxs

The North Texas-20

The Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology: An Examination of Convergent and Discriminant Validity

The Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology: A Test of Postdictive Validity using a Nationwide Sample


Cognitive Changes Due to Sickle Cell Disease

Differential Treatment Outcomes of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Psychotherapy

North Texas Evidence-based Psychologist Placement Initiative


Sponsored Projects

A Study on the Outcomes of Discrimination

Black Women's Gendered Racial Identity Developmental Scale

Denied Substance Use in Forensic Evaluations: Development of the PAI Substance Abuse Minimization (SAM) Scale

Equine-Assisted Positively Fit: A Family-Based Obesity Intervention for Rural Youth

Evaluating the Validity of Racial/Ethnic Group Comparisons: Measurement Invariance of Common Family, Culture, and Psychopathology Scales

Improving Measurement of Psychopathology Symptom Dimensions in the Hispanic/Latinx Community

Psychosocial and Immigration-related Factors Affecting Sleep Health among Hispanic/Latinx Immigrants

Social-Ecological Predictors of Child Sleep Health Disparities

The Relationship Between Suspiciousness and Social Determinants of Health in U.S. Hispanic and African American Participants

Understanding Access to Mental Health Care for Undocumented and Mixed-Status Families in South Texas


Center Posters

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